A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


Not the greatest quality image but then it was taken from some distance and the guy taking the picture was probably trying to zoom in on what was nearly an oops nip slip moment for the gorgeous Rita Ora.


The girls from TOWIE took to Costa Del Sol this week and there are dozens of spoiler alerts and images of them all splashing around in the sea and enjoying the Spanish sunshine however this is a celebrity blog dedicated to the gorgeous round asses and we felt this one probably best suited our needs.



You just can’t keep Miley Cyrus out of the news at the moment, I guess that is what happens when you are a superstar and you have a great looking butt as shown off here by Miley herself. If you have it why not flaunt it!

I might have to get myself into a Lily Allen concert if this is the sort of behaviour I can expect, what a fantastic looking ass you have their Lily


Lady Gaga let her hair down at her New York BMP night club after party event on Saturday night. The 28 year old pop star was pictured wearing a tight leotard and fishnet stockings as she strutted her stuff on stage before getting on all fours showing off her pert posterior.


There was no microphone or singing, this was all about Gaga as she showed off a few dance moves twisting her body from one side to the other giving everyone a view from all angles.



Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh in a tight fitting dress outside Loose Women Studio in London, nice ass Kimberley.


Cameron Diaz has always been one of my favourite celebrities and it is great to see she is still keeping her body and that booty in great shape. These images were taken this week as the 41 year old celebrity enjoyed herself on a Caribbean holiday.




Nicole Coco Austin has appeared here on Celebrity Ass twice before and on both occasions she has attracted a lot of attention and votes galore, not always top marks but a very decent average and I am sure this more recent image of her toned booty will only push her popularity up through the roof.

Yours eyes cannot help but be transfixed on that gorgeous round ass and just look at how that bikini bottom cuts into her crack. Even though her tanned skin is oiled up and for this particular photo shoot she has decided that topless is better, it is still her booty that I find most appealing.

Fitness diva and body builder Michelle Lewin takes a break from her jog around the park to pop her canine back on it’s lead and take a water break. I always wonder when you see images like these if they were done on purpose for a little extra publicity. I have no idea what Michelle is wearing on her feet, they almost went unnoticed by myself as I find it hard to notice too much else apart from that great looking ass.


Michelle Lewin might not be an A list celebrity, she might even have trouble sneaking in as a B list but with an ass as hot as this I am going to forget all that and rate her five stars.




Can you ever get enough Miley Cyrus? Yes some of her antics have become questionable but when you see her bending over and exposing her ass like this tell me you wouldn’t if given the opportunity?

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