A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

larter ass

It was 18 months ago that Ali Larter first appeared on Celebrity Ass, If  you ask me her butt is just as cute and tight looking now as it was 18 months back, no exaggeration it really is looking great and once again thank you spandex.

I last pictured Ali Larter wearing spandex in August and on the how hot is my ass score she didn’t do very well. I am sure you will agree that as we enter 2012 Ali Larters booty is looking in pretty good shape.

On the full zoom in picture I have to wonder if Ali Larter is wearing any panties as I cannot see any sign of a VPL? Maybe she is a thong girl, either way these spandex pants do sit nice and snug between her crack cheeks.

Bending forwards into a car Ali gets her rear end snapped by the waiting photographers. With what is one of the of the best celebrity asses on the planet, (well I think so anyway alongside Kylie) we see why spandex rules. Ali Larter showing us guys once again why this material is one of the best known inventions for men and why all women should wear it, well all women with nice bottoms that is. I guess it wouldn’t have quite the same effect on someone 100lbs or more overweight.

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