A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

Spandex a mans best friend, what did we do before this became such a fashionable clothing attire for the ladies. The last celebrity ass that we featured was Amanda Seyfried and here we have her ass adorning the site once again (promise I am not stalking her) this time in spandex leggings.

I have so loved looking at Adriana Lima over the past few days, each time I visit being greeted by her sheer beauty and gorgeous tight ass, it just just blows me away. But I have to update this site when a new celebrity ass becomes available so it is time to knock Adriana off the top spot with the impressive butt of Amanda Seyfried.

I am not quite sure what Amanda was trying to do crouching down in a position resembling an impression of someone trying to lay an egg. All the same the posture has ensured that her ass is poking out and that those black jeans have been stretched to their limit. Imagine walking by the back of her like this, how would you resist spanking that booty.

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