A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


Wow doesn’t AnnaLynne McCord ¬†look hot in these tight riding pants? This is the third time I have pictured AnnaLynne and her booty, both times previous she has proved very popular and her ass is certainly totting up some serious star ratings.


If you were following this site back in July you will already be aware of what a great tight looking ass AnnaLynne McCord has when we featured her doing some kind of backward roll wearing spandex leggings. At the time I thought wow her ass looks hot. Well the temperature has just shot through the roof as we see Anna Lynne McCord on all fours, legs apart and ass looking stupendious in those yellow bikini bottoms.

I am sure it isn’t just me who looks at this image and their mind fills with a dozen¬†naughty thoughts. Rumour has it that this celebrity beauty is currently dating Dominic Purcell, he sure is one lucky guy.

The last post I made was pretty damn special, several days later I can still sit and marvel over the beautiful ass of Candice so it was going to have to take something special for me to replace her with my next post. A bit of spandex covered celebrity ass is always welcome and it is a bonus when you are presented with the tight cute ass of Anna Lynne McCord dressed in a black body suit. I have no idea what she is doing laying down on her back with those legs up high in the air but I like it and I love the way it shows off her celebrity ass.

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