A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

I am sorry but fans of Britney Spears will not like me saying that she just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I no longer find her sexy, I would have to vote this celebrity ass a 1 or 2 if it were down to me but I have included a Britney celebrity ass because I know a lot of you still adore her curves. Earlier in the year I posted what I considered to be a better looking Britney ass although a little large for some peoples liking. Maybe 12 months ago I would have said yes to this one but not any longer (like I would have a chance to say no lol).

Britney Spears love her or hate her she is never far from the next news story and they say all publicity is good publicity right? In this up close and quite personal snap it is good to see that Britney is once again wearing her panties when she goes out, well I think it is a good thing?

Personally I feel Britney had a fantastic looking butt in the earlier years a little larger now however is larger better? I guess as we get older it becomes a slow losing battle to keep that ass in shape. What do you think, if you feel Britney still has a great ass appeal then please vote five stars.

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