A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


You just can’t keep Miley Cyrus out of the news at the moment, I guess that is what happens when you are a superstar and you have a great looking butt as shown off here by Miley herself. If you have it why not flaunt it!


Can you ever get enough Miley Cyrus? Yes some of her antics have become questionable but when you see her bending over and exposing her ass like this tell me you wouldn’t if given the opportunity?


It looks like Miley Cyrus has been getting that gorgeous ass of hers back into shape, I saw an image just a while back and it wasn’t looking that great, no doubt about it, her derriere is certainly looking hot right now.


I don’t know about anyone else but I am having a problem focussing on anything above shoulder height at the moment when it comes to Miley Cyrus. I hope it is just a stage that she is going through at the moment and I truly hope that when she comes out the other side she is that stunning looking person I remember from not so long ago.

Miley Cyrus Bootay Miley Cyrus Booty Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Legs Miley Cyrus Leggy Miley Cyrus Ass

Maybe I am being too critical, maybe it is her choice of clothing and fashion that disagrees with me or her short cropped hair, I just feel that Miley is looking far too hardened at the moment, she does however still possess a great looking bootay and a lovely set of pins. This is the sixth time we have featured Miley’s ass on this site, while this may not be my favourite post it certainly beats the black shorts she was wearing last time we featured her.

Wow what a nice ass shot this is of Miley Cyrus as she bent over in her tight black shorts in order to assist her dog.

Can you ever get enough of Miley Cyrus? Here we see her out jogging wearing our friend; the spandex leggings. I wonder if she was hot and sweaty under these? I can’t see any sweat patches maybe she remembered to wear her panties this time. For those that would love to see a little more of Miley have you seen the upskirt pictures captured while she wasn’t wearing any panties? They are available to view at Celebrity Nude.

I might be able to start a Miley Cyrus ass fantastic fan club soon, already we have featured Miley wearing a bikini showing off her celebrity ass and in tight spandex leggings, now we see her looking ass fantastic in a pair of ripped denims. Although Miley has a superb butt I don’t think we have seen the best of her rear yet, I am sure that there is a wow picture still out there to be grabbed.

If you are a big fan of Miley Cyrus and you are looking for something a little more juicy you might want to check out Celebrity Porn XXX and in particular the front view of Miley wearing tight spandex in the aptly named post Miley Cyrus Opens Up well worth a look.

Miley Cyrus is looking quite delicious as we see her pictured here in a fairly high cut bikini. Miley is always on guard watching out for the paparazzi so it is very hard trying to catch her off guard. Here we see the moment her bikini gets just a little too close for comfort as she fingers it out from has ass crack. I think that deserves a double thumbs up to Miley showing us what a great butt she has. These images were taking yesterday as Miley Cyrus enjoyed a break on the sand swept beaches of the beautiful Rio, Brazil

I love tight spandex type bottoms, here we see Miley Cyrus showing off a nice shapely pair of thighs and a very nice celebrity ass, I just wish the camera could have got a little closer and I also wish the image wasn’t taken against a dark background.

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