A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

This girls seems to be enjoying more than her fair share of holidays in the sun but who can blame her, if you live in the UK at the moment you cannot have failed to notice we are having more than a fair share of rain and grey skies at the moment. Rihanna however has finished filming Battleship she has done her duty appearing at the premiers and now it is time out in Hawaii.

Now I know the second image below doesn’t show Rihannas  booty off half as well as the the first image that you see above but can you even begin to imagine how great the view must be from the front? I wonder if the front is tight into the groin or do you reckon they might have been a little loose and gaping?

The next two images were taken on the same day a few hours later, I guess Rihanna is either unhappy about being pictured wearing the same bikini twice in a day or she simply doesn’t like the feel of the wet material against her fine toosh. I wonder if Rihanna is on an extended vacation and if so what are the chances we shall see a few more outfits later in the week?

So what do we prefer folks, the earlier in the day black bikini or the snazzy blue one? My personal preference has to be for the blue one, simply for the fact it looks one size smaller and definitely tighter on that sexy booty.

Nice nails Rihanna but do tell me, did we just miss a little scratch of the cheek or was it a pluck it out of the crack moment?

I sure hope you like the sizzling hot bikini covered booty of Rihanna because she is certainly flashing it a lot lately (lucky for us). This latest picture was taken while the pop star enjoyed herself snorkeling in Hawaii. I hope she is scheduled to stay there a little while longer, I am thoroughly enjoying the sight of Rihannas buttocks.

These pictures were taken just a few days ago of Rihanna enjoying the beach in Hawaii wearing a black thong bikini and showing plenty of cheek. I must admit I am a fan of Rihanna both on stage with her music and when it comes to sex appeal she just blows me away.

They say if you have it then flaunt it and looking at these images of Rihanna she certainly has it.

The mind boggles and all you can do is imagine what it must really be like to be in the position of that lucky guy in the left hand image. Can you even start to imagine being just 2-3 layers of fabric away from the real thing? Not that there is much in the way of coverage to this superstars gorgeous looking booty.

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