A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


Sorry I just cannot get into the winter Olympics for anything other than the Lycra and sexy asses of the athletes. I could have picked any one of 30 or more images taken from the Sochi Olympics, I plumped for a sexy ass that showed a bit of flesh at the same time, that of German ice skater Kaetlyn Osmond. Yes there are skiers and other winter Olympians with far rounder backsides but I figured a bit of flesh would be good to see.

Does anyone remember the American gymnast Shawn Johnson, she won a gold medal and a pile of silver ones at the 2008 Olympics as well as the 2009 Dancing With Stars title. Maybe a little heavier now that she has retired but still looking great this is Shawn Johnson in her lycra tights as she leaves a dance studio in Los Angeles.

Okay who hasn’t been watching the women’s beach volleyball at the London 2012 Olympics? If you have who is your favourite, so many women with the fittest of ass it is hard to pick one out but I am going to.

Liliana Fernandez from Spain just wins it for me, a mixture of her white bikini pants against her tanned buttocks and the firmness that her ass looks, I could watch her all day long.

The London Olympics are just days away so what does that mean for us Brits? No not long queues in and out of London or immigration staff going on strike, it means lots of very fit looking ladies in lycra and tight shorts.

Jessica Ennis is one of the female athletes that will be grabbing lots of attention as she competes for Britain in the┬áheptathlon. I have a feeling it won’t be just because she is a fantastic athlete and big medal hope.

I personally feel that the Jessica Ennis Ass deserves a gold medal all of its own, anyone care to lend a pair of thumbs, it looks like these sport pants are getting a little stuck!

You are virtually guaranteed a great ass shot when it is a female tennis star in action, no exceptions here then with a great upskirt sport panties flash from Caroline Wozniacki. This picture was taken at a charity event, just enough running about to ensure that the panties hug nice and tight to her rounded ass.

A sudden gust of wind is our super best friend for this one. Jennifer Nicole Lee (fitness guru) was popping her shopping away into the boot of her car when the wind picked up and caught her flimsy dress to reveal another trunk, this time the lush looking booty of Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Track and field star Lolo Jones shows us just why we love watching the women’s athletics, well the reason I prefer watching the women. That is the beauty of women sports stars, you are always assured of a nice tight sporty ass.

Martina Hingis going through a stretching and training session, her looks might not be so hot as she pushes through the pain barrier but that tight ass will always remain one of my favourites. Can you imagine being her personal trainer, they get to see views like this every day!!

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