A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

Susanna Reid is the only reason I watch the BBC news in the morning, I sadly sit there hoping that she will be wearing a skirt in the hope that I might get a flash of her lovely legs. Today I was overjoyed when I managed to get hold of this images of Susanna leaving the Manchester studio dressed in tight fitting jeans, what a tidy ass she has.


If the current rumours that are circulating are true then we might have to start watching ITV if we wish to see Ms Reid in future. It seems that the 43 year old has been poached away from the Beeb, personally I don’t care which channel she is on as long as we get to see her sitting on a sofa!!

Victoria Justice shows the world that she has an awfully appealing booty as she is pictured here out and about in Beverly Hills wearing a very nice looking pair of tight jeans. I will certainly be looking out for more Victoria Justice  images, lets just hope some bikini ones surface sooner rather than laster.

It seems all the hottest celebrity asses are being captured whilst they are wearing tight jeans at the moment, here we see Hilary Swank out shopping in a pair. I am not complaining about the jeans, as far as I am concerned a tight cute ass is a tight cute ass whether it be covered in a nice bikini or a skin tight pair of jeans.

From top to toe Eva Longoria just oozes with appeal, even when she is out and about dressed in a long sleeve top and jeans she manages to pull off a look that would have any guy turning his head for a second look. Yes I agree those tight fitting jeans probably have a major say in it but you can’t deny her ass is just the icing on the cake.



The question is how? Just how on earth does Nicole Coco Austin manage to squeeze her large sexy booty into such a tight pair of jeans? It must take a marathon of an event and effort not to mention the amount of time is must surely take to squeeze these jeans on over her lady bumps.

What do you think, are you a lover of bigger is better or would Nicole Coco Austins Booty be too big for you to handle?

If someone said to you name a celebrity with a big round booty, which would be the first celeb to spring to mind? There are three that spring to my mind, one of them being Kim Kardashian.

Kim fills out those butt hugging jeans rather nicely as she lifts a leg to enter her car. This picture was taken earlier this week as Kim was out and about in LA.

It can’t be much fun living in the shadow of your celebrity sister although Ali Lohan is listed over at the IMDB having a handful of uncredited appearances to her name and also a few TV interviews.

Does she have what it takes to break into the big time like her sister, does she have the looks or ass appeal for it? You decide by registering a vote below

Hayden Panettiere out and about and looking very sexy in those tight jeans. In a way almost as hot as her cheerleader days in Hero’s wouldn’t you agree?

Sarah Harding is pictured here out and about looking Ass tastic in her tight jeans, personally I feel she is looking better and hotter than ever.

I might be able to start a Miley Cyrus ass fantastic fan club soon, already we have featured Miley wearing a bikini showing off her celebrity ass and in tight spandex leggings, now we see her looking ass fantastic in a pair of ripped denims. Although Miley has a superb butt I don’t think we have seen the best of her rear yet, I am sure that there is a wow picture still out there to be grabbed.

If you are a big fan of Miley Cyrus and you are looking for something a little more juicy you might want to check out Celebrity Porn XXX and in particular the front view of Miley wearing tight spandex in the aptly named post Miley Cyrus Opens Up well worth a look.

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