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Wouldn’t it be good to meet someone for just sex when you felt like it? A date where love and romance is off the agenda, just a no strings attached meeting for fun and pleasure. Imagine having your own black book of adult contacts, people willing to meet up with you for a sex date. Adults who for one reason or another are not interested in meeting someone for a date, they are not looking for someone special who they can take out and enjoy a meal or a trip to the movies with, they simply want to meet for sex and say goodbye afterwards with none of the emotional ties that accompany a steady relationship.

Discreet Date is a dating site which caters for those looking for such a thing. Guys I know you are probably thinking this is too good to be true, surely women find it easy to pick up a quickie shag date when and where they want? The truth is they don’t, okay maybe 18 year old’s out clubbing do but what about women who are not into the clubs and those not wishing to mix business with pleasure? Many of these women have a quick look through the personal’s in their lunch break before firing off a couple of quick emails asking if you fancy meeting them for a quickie on their way home from work.

Super Lass – Married due to an arranged marriage husband travels and obviously doesn’t mind showing her face.

A large percentage of the women listed at discreetdate.co.uk are business women working lengthy hours who are not ready for an emotional guy who gets upset that they are not there for them 24/7 . Some are also married but they hardly see their men so a quickie shag date to ease their sexual desire is all that they need. They feel it is too risky going out and finding someone to satisfy their aching groin so they turn to NSA (no strings attached) dating instead. There is also an abundance of older ladies in their thirties to fifties seeking much younger guys as well as those seeking their own age group.

My greatest thrill is having sex with another guys wife, call me a wanker if you like but knowing you are satisfying someone’s wife behind their back is a massive turn on for me, the only downside I have found is that many of the women are happy to show their bodies but not so willing to show their faces due to the fact that they are already in a relationship.  I guess it shouldn’t matter as long as they have a great body but I am not one of those who believe in not looking into the flame while you stoke the fire.

Would you care what this milfs face looked like? Her username is Oral Delight and she is only interested in oral sex.

Registration is free and you only need to upgrade if wishing to make contact with someone, you can read profiles and view pictures but an upgrade is required for the contact details. You could do what I do; I have filled out my own profile, I have uploaded a couple of pictures and I wait for the lovely ladies to come to me. In the last two months I have had 6 lovely ladies contact me for a meeting, four worked out fine and I still see them now when the urge takes me, the other two didn’t come off but I am certainly not complaining.

It isn’t all one way though ladies, there are plenty of married and single guys who are also willing to meet for discreet sex. Guys who are not getting enough at home and guys who enjoy a little variation, they love their wife in a fond and caring way but when it comes to the bedroom the fun has vanished. Don’t let age be a barrier either, I have seen personal adverts from both male and female members looking for older adults, one of the ladies I met was 15 years older than myself and it was some of the best sex I have ever had.

Say hello to member ‘Sticky Milf’ – I would say mature milf myself but I bet you can’t guess how old she is?

While it is true that all dating sites have more male members than female it isn’t an issue when it comes to this discreetdate.co.uk because all female members get a premium upgrade for FREE. Many of the women also have 3-4 lovers on the go, it boosts their ego and as long as it is protected sex everyone is happy. No strings attached dating isn’t for everyone, if you fall in love easy or you get jealous it isn’t something I would recommend. If however you are looking for a fuck buddy get yourself registered and start living life, you only get one chance so enjoy it!!

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