A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

Mena Suvari might be one of those celebrities that you need to Google or look up on Wiki and I will be honest, I had to ask Mena who? I was quite surprised that she has appeared in a few films that I have seen including American Pie and Day of the Dead, lovely buttocks Mena I won’t forget who you are next time.

Arguably the hottest celebrity milf out there; looking at how fit she has kept that body can you believe that this celebrity is going to turn 40 in August of this year? A slender tanned body, beach blonde hair and a cute ass I for one feel Ms Diaz could pass for someone half her age.

When looking through this set of images I was longing to see one of Cameron Diaz hooking a finger under the rear of that bikini and plucking it out from between her butt cheeks but sadly no. Looking at the image below can you imagine just how exciting that image would have been in more ways than one!!


I last pictured Ali Larter wearing spandex in August and on the how hot is my ass score she didn’t do very well. I am sure you will agree that as we enter 2012 Ali Larters booty is looking in pretty good shape.

On the full zoom in picture I have to wonder if Ali Larter is wearing any panties as I cannot see any sign of a VPL? Maybe she is a thong girl, either way these spandex pants do sit nice and snug between her crack cheeks.

A lovely big black celebrity booty for you today courtesy of tennis ace Serena Williams. Gosh those butt cheeks look pretty powerful don’t they? I also like the choice of bikini wear by Serena, a nice string tied top style meaning plenty of flesh is out on show for us to admire and lust over.

Sofia Vergara is a celebrity that you might not have heard of but that doesn’t matter as this Colombian actress has one hell of a South American booty on her. Once again we have to thank Spandex for giving us such a shapely and extremeley sexy celebrity ass. You don’t need to look too closely to see that the material is so tight across that round booty it has made it almost see through.


Sarah Harding is pictured here out and about looking Ass tastic in her tight jeans, personally I feel she is looking better and hotter than ever.

A sudden gust of wind is our super best friend for this one. Jennifer Nicole Lee (fitness guru) was popping her shopping away into the boot of her car when the wind picked up and caught her flimsy dress to reveal another trunk, this time the lush looking booty of Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Pippa Middletons ass shot to fame during the royal wedding when she was bridesmaid for her princess sister. I hear a few debating Pippa or Kate, I think they are both hot and both equally stunning however I have to say when I see an image like this one I have to give Pippa the edge when it comes to the best derriere.

If you were following this site back in July you will already be aware of what a great tight looking ass AnnaLynne McCord has when we featured her doing some kind of backward roll wearing spandex leggings. At the time I thought wow her ass looks hot. Well the temperature has just shot through the roof as we see Anna Lynne McCord on all fours, legs apart and ass looking stupendious in those yellow bikini bottoms.

I am sure it isn’t just me who looks at this image and their mind fills with a dozen naughty thoughts. Rumour has it that this celebrity beauty is currently dating Dominic Purcell, he sure is one lucky guy.

I might be able to start a Miley Cyrus ass fantastic fan club soon, already we have featured Miley wearing a bikini showing off her celebrity ass and in tight spandex leggings, now we see her looking ass fantastic in a pair of ripped denims. Although Miley has a superb butt I don’t think we have seen the best of her rear yet, I am sure that there is a wow picture still out there to be grabbed.

If you are a big fan of Miley Cyrus and you are looking for something a little more juicy you might want to check out Celebrity Porn XXX and in particular the front view of Miley wearing tight spandex in the aptly named post Miley Cyrus Opens Up well worth a look.

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