A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses

I love tight spandex type bottoms, here we see Miley Cyrus showing off a nice shapely pair of thighs and a very nice celebrity ass, I just wish the camera could have got a little closer and I also wish the image wasn’t taken against a dark background.

Tulisa Contostavlo from N Dubz shows us her big booty with a see through pair of black nylons and someone obviously forgot to remind her never to wear white panties under black pantyhose.

Recognise this movie? This is a scene from “Beauty and the briefcase“, it captures the fine curvy celebrity ass of Hilary Duff.

I would like to buy the inventor of skin tight leggings a beer, that is assuming it was a guy that invented them. Without  such a fine creation very few of us would be privileged enough to oggle and drool over firm looking butts. Kelly Brook looks happy and full of smiles, I am guessing she is on her way to the Gym. Oh what I would give to be the seat that she sits that hot celebrity ass down on while working out

On Wikipedia Tara Leigh Patrick better known to us all as Carmen Electra is described as a glamour model,  a TV personality, an actress, a dancer, a singer and a sex symbol. Forget them all apart from the very last one, Carmen Electra is quite simply sex on legs. When I first clapped eyes on this image I became transfixed on what a perfect body and great ass Carmen has.

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