A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


Sorry I just cannot get into the winter Olympics for anything other than the Lycra and sexy asses of the athletes. I could have picked any one of 30 or more images taken from the Sochi Olympics, I plumped for a sexy ass that showed a bit of flesh at the same time, that of German ice skater Kaetlyn Osmond. Yes there are skiers and other winter Olympians with far rounder backsides but I figured a bit of flesh would be good to see.

Susanna Reid is the only reason I watch the BBC news in the morning, I sadly sit there hoping that she will be wearing a skirt in the hope that I might get a flash of her lovely legs. Today I was overjoyed when I managed to get hold of this images of Susanna leaving the Manchester studio dressed in tight fitting jeans, what a tidy ass she has.


If the current rumours that are circulating are true then we might have to start watching ITV if we wish to see Ms Reid in future. It seems that the 43 year old has been poached away from the Beeb, personally I don’t care which channel she is on as long as we get to see her sitting on a sofa!!


The ever so gorgeous Selena Gomez probably shows just a little more than she intended to as she attended Sketch restaurant in London earlier this week. To be honest I am not sure if Selena is wearing a short skirt or if they are some kind of shorts that are a little too revealing. Lovers of ass, panties and stockings are going to love seeing Ms Gomez dressed and pictured like this.



I have absolutely no idea what Brooklyn Decker was looking for on a Miami beach performing a swimwear photo shoot, I am just thankful that a camera man managed to be in the perfect position as she bent over


Kate Beckinsale Ass

Wow this is one of my all time sexiest female celebrities so to receive an image of her fantastic ass wearing tight spandex tights is pretty cool. Just look at how shapely her legs are, this is almost as hot as seeing her as Selene in Underworld.

Kate Beckinsale Booty


It looks like Miley Cyrus has been getting that gorgeous ass of hers back into shape, I saw an image just a while back and it wasn’t looking that great, no doubt about it, her derriere is certainly looking hot right now.


Hayden Panettiere is currently on holiday enjoying the beach, sea and warm weather that Hollywood Florida has to offer. In the meantime it leaves us enjoying the fantastic views from behind.

Hayden Panettiere Ass

Those cheeks look nice and rosy, I can’t help but find myself wishing that Hayden would just pop a finger in and hook the fabric out of the crack while we watch.

HaydenPanettiereAssJust the kind of ass that you could have so much fun with, as Keith Lemon would say, I could bash those back doors in any time.


Above I thought I had better give you proof that it really is the ass of  Hayden Panettier and not just any old gorgeous blonde enjoying herself on the beach.

Have I got a treat for you celebrity ass fans today, I have been waiting soooo long for a decent image of Selena Gomez from behind and finally the wait is over. Captured on set filming a video in LA we have a very gorgeous looking Selena Gomez dressed in a red all in one and oodles of ass cheek poking out from those high legs.

Karina Derizans showing us how great her ass looks in a bikini. I will be honest here, I had to Google Karina Derizans as I had not heard her name mentioned before. I discovered that Karina is a Venezuelan beauty who appeared in 6 episodes of a reality television show called Catalina – The show was based around a hotel and beach club, it only aired for six episodes before being dropped.

Do any of you out there follow Nicki Minaj on twitter? I must admit I don’t even know how to use twitter but I might have to start learning if this is the sort of thing I am going to be finding; Nicki Minaj showing off her ass.


If you do already follow Nicki then you will have already seen this image of her in a yellow thong bikini as it was an image she posted herself earlier in the week, that booty is looking pretty awesome from where I am sitting.

Nicki Minaj Ass Thong

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