A Close Up Look At Female Celebrities Nice Tight Asses


Maria Menounos is looking hot and what a great looking booty hidden only by her short skirt as she is pictured here on the set of ‘Extra’. Now I can’t see any VPL (visable panty line) so would she dare go out pantyless or do we assume she has the skimpiest of thongs sitting neatly between those ass cheeks?

I don’t know about anyone else but I am having a problem focussing on anything above shoulder height at the moment when it comes to Miley Cyrus. I hope it is just a stage that she is going through at the moment and I truly hope that when she comes out the other side she is that stunning looking person I remember from not so long ago.

Miley Cyrus Bootay Miley Cyrus Booty Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Legs Miley Cyrus Leggy Miley Cyrus Ass

Maybe I am being too critical, maybe it is her choice of clothing and fashion that disagrees with me or her short cropped hair, I just feel that Miley is looking far too hardened at the moment, she does however still possess a great looking bootay and a lovely set of pins. This is the sixth time we have featured Miley’s ass on this site, while this may not be my favourite post it certainly beats the black shorts she was wearing last time we featured her.

alba ass

For sex appeal and looks this is one of my favourite celebrities, Jessica Alba out and about in LA and it must be said she is not looking overly happy, her booty is however looking as hot as ever. Right then, any volunteers to cheer Jessica up?


larter ass

It was 18 months ago that Ali Larter first appeared on Celebrity Ass, If  you ask me her butt is just as cute and tight looking now as it was 18 months back, no exaggeration it really is looking great and once again thank you spandex.


Wow doesn’t AnnaLynne McCord  look hot in these tight riding pants? This is the third time I have pictured AnnaLynne and her booty, both times previous she has proved very popular and her ass is certainly totting up some serious star ratings.


Cameron Diaz looking hot and showing us all that she still has a fantastic looking booty as she leaves the Tracy Anderson Gym Studio in LA

Cameron Diaz Booty Cameron Diaz Ass Cameron_Diaz_Booty

Well I have featured the gorgeous large ass of Kim Kardashian a few times before, indeed the posting of her back in March 2011 has scored an amazing 224 points from 54 votes (view here). That image of her in her bikini was pure perfection for me, I have to say now I find her butt edging on the border and maybe just stepping over into the too large category, what do you think is bigger better?

kim kardashian ass

This picture was snapped as Kim Kardashian was visiting a Gym in Los Angeles, maybe Kim too thinks it is time to get her booty back into better shape? The bonus for me with this image is that Kim looks to have decided not to wear any panties, can you imagine seeing her butt after a workout all hot and sweaty.


I know she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there is no denying the fact that – Lady Gaga has one mighty fine ass. Here we see a superb example of the Gaga ass during her Cologne, Germany concert.

There are not many 54 year old’s that turn my head, indeed I thought Madonna once a pin-up on my wall as a teenager had lost all of her sex appeal. My opinion has changed after seeing these images of her on stage in the Miami leg of her MDNA tour.

Some might say if she was your mum what would you think, the fact is she isn’t my mum and she still has an ass as good as many women 20 years her junior. While this site likes to concentrate on the derrière of a celebrity I couldn’t help myself and I just had to also share the front view – Nice wedgie Madonna.

This image of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from behind is certainly doing it for me, wow what a perfect sexy ass she has. When Rosie replaced Megan Fox in Transformers I was gutted, for a long time Megan had been my favourite but now I am not so sure. I think this picture has burnt a permanent mark at the back of my eyes it’s so hot. Again though the biggest thank you has to go to the inventor of Lycra or Spandex which did you know is an anagram of expands.

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